Wall Art

Nothing does a better job at decorating a home than a few well-chosen pieces of wall art. Wall art décor makes it easy to turn your living room, lounge, or kitchen into the most interesting parts of your home. And because there are so many types of wall art, you can use wall décor with any design style that you wish. From abstract to landscape art there are plenty of types of art to choose from. In addition to wall art type, there are variations in materials that you can find as well. The material of wall art changes influences what style goes well with that piece of art. The methods that wall art is made can vary considerably as well if you’re looking to change the mood of your room using an oil painting versus a framed photo for example.


Types of Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art: This type of wall art uses what appears to be a random assortment of shapes and lines to create a piece of art. At first glance it might not make sense, but the beauty of abstract wall art is that even though it doesn’t paint a clear picture of anything recognizable, you can decide what it means to you. This contemporary wall art is popular in modern living rooms where the creativity of the abstract painting can contrast a minimalistic theme.


Inspirational: Need a little pick me up to keep you going through the day? Nothing helps inspire positivity like an uplifting quote, phrase, or image. Inspirational art generally uses text and typography to help create a visually uplifting message, but positive imagery is used on occasion as well. They’re great because they can be put with any theme, so if you have a bare wall and aren’t sure what should take its place, a piece of inspirational wall art is a great option.


Landscape: One of the most popular forms of wall art décor, landscape art is a good way to open up a window to the outdoors while still staying inside your home. Landscape wall art depict images or paintings of trees, mountains or gorgeous views of the ocean to name a few of the possibilities. This type of wall art works great in rooms with floral wall paper or they blend well with city scape wall art to create contrast.



Medium of Wall Art

Water Color: This type of wall art has an interesting property to it, since the paint tends to move and spread out after its been applied. This creates a unique look that can only be achieved with water color. And because water doesn’t absorb well in canvas, it is more common to use paper or papyrus which differentiates it from most other types of wall art.

Acrylic: One of the most versatile mediums of paint because of the vibrant colors that come from acrylic. It also dries very quickly so fewer colors tend to blend together during the painting process. This type of paint is also quite heat resistant and doesn’t have a strong odor to it which is an added benefit to this type of paint.

Photography: Not all wall art comes in painted form, in fact, much of the wall art you can find on Creative.miami is photographic wall art décor. Photographs are great pieces of wall art because of the realism that they bring to a piece as well as the different perspective that most photographs are taken. You can find photos of glistening nighttime cityscapes, glowing landscapes at sunset, or even macro photos of a recently blossoming flower. Photographs vary greatly in their subject matter which makes it easy to find something that will fit your room.

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